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Welcome to ExpertDogFood.com! We’re so happy you’re visiting with us!

We are a site with a purpose. We want to help you make the best decisions you possibly can about your dog’s health and we thought one of the best places to start is with your dog’s food. This is one of the areas of a dog’s life where positive change can have a huge impact on overall health and wellbeing.

We have put together an incredible team of creative writers, knowledgeable veterinarians, and dog lovers to help guide you through the process of helping your furry companion feel great and live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Allow me to introduce everyone!

Chesca Douglas


Chesca is a writer, born and bred in the New Forest, UK, where her family have an active and overexcited border collie x springer spaniel called Barney. Chesca now lives on a farm where her writing is often interrupted by sheep trying their best to escape at every opportunity.

Dr. Muaaz Ur Rahman


Dr. Muaaz is a veterinary doctor and animal writer. He's passionate about wildlife and has been featured in both international veterinary journals and educational materials for pet owners. His areas of expertise include preventative medicine, nutrition, zoonotic disease, emergency medicine, and animal psychology.

Jeremy Paul


Jeremy has an extensive background in ghostwriting and has written many articles as well as a book on a huge range of topics. He has worked extensively with a number of websites on everything from clothing to sports. As an avid outdoor lover, he and his wonderful wife spend their days out in the sun on the family farmstead looking after the animals.