Top 5 – Best Automatic Dog Feeder You’ve Ever Seen – Review 2022

If you’re a pet parent, you know that feeding your dog on a regular schedule is important. A well-fed dog is a happy dog — and a healthy one — and having a plan for a perfectly portioned meal is a must. But what happens when you’re not able to be there to feed them? That’s where an automatic dog feeder comes in. Automatic food dispensers are a practical, convenient, and economical solution for any pet parent. Choosing the best automatic dog feeder for your pet’s particular needs can be a bit tricky so we’ll go over some of the details you may not be aware of to help you make the best possible choice!

Our team has combed through so many dog food dispensers and here are the ones we felt stood out from the crowd. 

Products We Recommend in this Article

Pawple Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder

The Pawple Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder is the ultimate hands-free dog feeder. It feeds reliably on time every time and its built-in speaker calls your pet with a personalized recording of your voice. 

Dogs love and do better when they eat on a more strict schedule and this feeder takes all the grunt work out of making that happen. [1]

  • Food Type – Dry
  • Meals per day – Dispense up to 4 meals per day 
  • Portion sizes – 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups per feeding
  • Holds – 20 cups


  • Bright display panel
  • Easy programming 
  • USB power adapter included
  • Also able to run on 3 “D” batteries (not included)
  • Personalized voice recording 
  • The feeding tray is 100% dishwasher safe 

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Instructions were clear and setup was easy
  • Lifesaver when I travel and someone comes over to watch the cat
  • Easy to clean and very shallow so the cat’s whiskers aren’t being irritated by the bowl’s edge
  • There is some weight to the feeder preventing some animals from knocking it over

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • The slight learning curve to set it up
  • The recorded playback is a bit fuzzy sounding
  • Bowl is plastic rather than metal or ceramic

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Small Dog & Cat Feeder

The Cat Mate C3000 is designed for cats and small dogs alike. Its simple design makes it affordable without having to give up any functionality.  It’s perfect for regulating feeding times and providing a convenient way to feed your pets while you’re away for the day or even a few days. Just remember that it’s always important to have someone check in on your pets for prolonged trips like a family dog watcher. [2]

  • Food Type – Dry
  • Meals per day – Dispense up to 3 meals per day
  • Portion sizes – 2 teaspoons or more per feeding
  • Holds – 26 cups


  • Easy programing
  • LCD control with approximately
  • Requires 4 x ‘C’ batteries (not included)
  • The lid snaps shut for protection
  • Can be secured to the wall or other stable objects
  • Very quick to clean 
  • dishwasher-safe bowl, lid, nozzle, and hopper

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Each meal can be set to release a different amount of food
  • Helps regulate your dog’s food expectations. It learns that the food comes at a certain time from a certain place which helps eliminate begging
  • Simple mechanics allows it to get the job done with minimal moving parts. This means there is less to go wrong with it
  • Easy to change quantities and times

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • The spout comes off a bit too easily providing access to treats and food
  • No “Empty” alarm
  • Large animals may tip the hopper. Best to secure it to something
  • Would be even better if it was able to plug into the wall and use the batteries as a backup

Dogness Mini Programmable Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder (Best Automatic Dog Feeder)

This was the best automatic dog feeder overall in our opinion mostly because of its reliability. It can be hard to find a well-built automatic dog feeder that has any functionality to it. As a general rule of thumb, the more features something has the more there is to go wrong with it but the people at Dogness have created something that’s functional as well as durable. With three stylish colors to choose from it will look good in your home too which can be a major plus!

  • Food Type – Dry
  • Meals per day – Dispense up to 4 meals per day
  • Portion sizes – 1.5 teaspoons or more per feeding
  • Holds – 8.3 cups


  • Great look
  • Easily sets up a regular feeding routine for smaller pets
  • Easy-to-use LCD screen 
  • Set portion sizes/feeding times
  • Internal turntable to deliver your pet’s favorite foods
  • Stainless steel food bowl
  • Easily cleaned
  • Powered by a USB connection 
  • Includes a self-activating built-in backup battery

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Voice alert works well
  • Works with a USB plug and not just batteries
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Nice, long power cable
  • Really great looking feeder colors and style

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • Works on a 24-hour clock making programming less user friendly
  • The LCD screen may seem small to some people
  • Only holds about 8 cups of food

Dogness Automatic WiFi Dog & Cat Smart Feeder with HD Camera

Looking for a way to keep an eye on your pet while you’re away? Worried they might miss a meal or get into trouble in your absence? Well, the creators at Gogness have come up with a great way to monitor your pet’s meals. With a built-in, 165 degree, HD camera and the ability to send video to your phone wherever you are via WiFi, you can now watch your dog enjoy his or her meal. To make things even better, they’ve added a voice feature that plays a pre-recorded message of you calling your pet for their mealtime. This was the runner-up choice for the best automatic dog feeder but came in just a little shy due to its price and complexity. A really great choice though if you’re looking for extra features.

  • Food Type – Dry
  • Meals per day – Dispense up to 4 meals per day
  • Portion sizes – 2 portion wheels S-size(for small-to-medium sized pets) and L-size (for medium-to-large pets)
  • Holds – 25 cups


  • Feed your pup on demand using your phone or set a schedule using the free app
  • Dispenses accurate servings
  • Patented jam-free pet food dispensing mechanism
  • Voice record/playback
  • 165-degree HD camera with night vision
  • 2-way speaker/mic so the owner can communicate directly with pet
  • USB charging
  • See precautions – For use indoors only

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Incredible colors to choose from
  • Helped to regulate pets’ food intake
  • Great for long work days away from the house
  • Love to be able to see and hear my dog

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • They have had difficulty pairing the unit with the app through their network 
  • Instructions were poorly translated

PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder

The PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal Feeder has a lot of great things going for it considering its simplistic design. Its simplistic design is actually one of those things. There are far fewer moving parts when compared to some of the more flashy feeders available. It can provide 5 meals for your dog before needing to be refilled and it runs on 4 D-batteries that frequently provide up to a year’s worth of energy. That means if you have a power outage or other disruptions, your dog will still get his or her meals served on time. Great for feeding your dog while you’re at work.

  • Food Type – Wet / Dry
  • Meals per day – Dispense up to 5 meals before refilling
  • Portion sizes – Up to 1 Cup
  • Holds – 5 cups


  • Uses 4 D-cell batteries (batteries not included, batteries normally last up to 12 months)
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • Few moving parts which mean fewer problems

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Its simplicity makes it reliable
  • The feeding tray is so easy to clean
  • Some animals figure out how to move the tray to the next feeding
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Consistently feeds my pet wet foods. That can be a problem with other feeders. 

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • The food tray must be properly seated to function correctly but easy to do
  • A bit loud when turning and sometimes scares my pet

What Is an Automatic Dog Food Dispenser or Feeder

An automatic dog feeder is a device that dispenses food for your dog without you needing to actually be near the bowl.

If you want to feed your dog at the same time every day, or you could have house training problems or digestive problems that could be the result of feeding your dog out of “hunger” and not at the same time every day. A regular feeding schedule is also important for body conditioning and health. For example, if you feed your dog at the same time each day, she will naturally want to go to the bathroom at the same time every day, also.

Dogs are creatures of habit. They love routine and they love consistency. Good dog parents know that mealtimes should be no different. Whether you feed them twice a day or once, it’s important to note that the time of their meal should remain the same each day.

The best way to do this is to purchase a dog feeding bowl with a feeding clock. With this type of bowl, you can set your dog’s feeding schedule and feed them at the same time every day.

Why Choose an Automatic Dog Food Dispenser

Automatic dog feeders make meals much easier for those with limited mobility. It’s possible to set up an automatic dog feeder to serve as a dog food station for those living in small spaces as well.

If you have multiple pets or run a pet boarding service, you can remove some of the worry associated with tracking different feeding times for each animal. You can program your automatic dog feeder to dispense food at a different time for each pet and some are specifically designed to feed multiple pets at once.

They’re also great for senior pets or those recovering from surgery, as they can eat on their own schedule. Veterinarians recommend automatic dog feeders for dogs who are over-eaters or who have special needs. If overeating or eating too fast is an issue, you can set your dog food dispenser to ration out feedings over a prolonged period of time. There are just so many possibilities with these amazing devices.

If you’re not home during the day, an automatic dog feeder is a practical option to have for your dog, especially if you need to be away from the house for the night. Having the option of preloading the feeder before you leave is especially helpful if your dog has any dietary restrictions or needs.

Differences Between Automatic Dog Feeders and Gravity Dog Feeders

If you’re not sure which type of feeder is best for your dog, it’s helpful to understand the differences between them.

Benefits of Using a Gravity Feeder or Open Feeder

The most affordable type of pet feeder is the gravity feeder or open feeder. They work by opening the food compartment on the top of the feeder and gravity pulls the food through to the bowl below when your pet gets close.

Gravity feeders are placed on the floor and hold a set amount of food that your pet will be able to eat throughout the day. The amount they eat is limited to the amount in the hopper or your dogs’ appetite.

Benefits of Digital Automatic Feeder

Many people swear by the digital automatic feeders because they allow you complete control over the frequency and amount you’re feeding your dog. Some can be filled with dry or wet food, making them perfect for giving your pet a little something to eat while you’re away.

If you’re going to be on vacation and need to leave your home for an extended period of time, you’ll also use this feeder instead of a traditional food and water bowl to make sure your pet stays well-fed and hydrated.

If your pup likes to eat but doesn’t have to, you’ll love that many automatic dog feeders have a weight sensor that will let them eat as much as they want before turning off or setting a specific amount of food.

Some Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Food Dispenser

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an automatic feeder for your pup. Consider them all when selecting the right feeder for your needs.

How Often Does Your Dog Need To Eat

Spend time figuring out your pet’s feeding schedule and get that down on paper. Figure out what time your pet needs to be fed, how many times a day they need to be fed, how much they need to be fed, and the type of food they need to be fed. If this ends up being a complicated schedule, it could be a sign that you may need a higher-end digital dispenser to get all the scheduling features required for your pet’s dietary requirements.

Figuring out the perfect feeding schedule for your pup will depend on their age, size, activity level, and other factors. But, it’s advised that you consult a professional for specific advice.

How Large Is Your Dog

Know your dog’s size/weight so you can properly calculate the recommended amount of nutritious food they will need. Some dispensers are for all dogs and others are for smaller dogs and cats so read carefully to ensure you pick the right dispenser for your dog’s size.

What’s Your Budget

Determine your budget? Dog food dispensers tend to be in the range of $30-$100 on average so there really is something for everyone’s needs.

Things About the Feeder Itself to Look For

  • Food / Treat Capacity
  • Dish size
  • Dish shape and material
  • Feed type you plan to use
  • Is there an automatic shut off timer on the unit
  • Feeding scheduler
  • Feeder type
  • Feeder construction

How Do Automatic Dog Food Dispensers Work

Automatic dog feeders are relatively new to the market. Some work by using a paddle that is pushed down by the weight of the dog, releasing the food. Others are based on a timer that may be set up to release the food at pre-set times by engaging a motor in the unit.

Popular Programming Options

  • Free-feeding and self-feeding: Your dog chooses when and how much he or she eats. A bit of a free-for-all feeding situation. This is great if your dog has its feeding times naturally built-in and is good at following that pattern. It can be very bad if you have a snacker-type dog who continuously over-eats. 
  • Timed feedings: Some feeders come with a mobile app, which allows you to choose between a preset schedule or set your own. The feeder will release the food portion based on the schedule you’ve set for your dog. 

Automatic Dog Food Dispenser Tips 

  • To avoid a mess, you may want to place a rubber mat under the dish to keep the floor clean
  • If you plan to change your dog’s food type to better work with a food dispenser, do it slowly over the period of a couple of weeks by mixing more and more of the new in with the old. As you introduce more new, begin to reduce the amount of the old food
  • Choose the right size feeder for your dog. You want to make sure they get the nutritious meals they need and deserve
  • If your feeder will be sitting next to your water dispenser, consider a waterproof model or battery-operated model to avoid injury to your pup by electrocution

Teach Your Dog How to Be Alone

Ensuring your dog has an enjoyable and relaxing time while you’re not home begins long before you ever leave the house. For many pets, it’s something that needs to be taught rather than a natural instinct. This can be especially true with dogs. Here are some things you can try to prepare your dog for your absence. [3]

Teach your pet that it’s ok to be alone by having some regular “alone time” each day. Begin by sectioning off an area for them to stay in for a short time with all their favorite toys. Not a closet or a confined area of course but think about a place where they can still see you but they can’t actually get to you. This is where a baby gate may come in handy. Leave them in there for 30 mins each day at the same time each day while they watch you do other things. 

After they are comfortable with that try leaving them in the house alone while you work or relax in the yard for short periods at a time. Eventually, you should be able to graduate to being gone while running errands or visiting with friends and ultimately being gone to work and then overnight. Remember, you can have the best automatic dog feeder in the world and it won’t make a lick of difference if your dog can’t manage to stay home on his or her own.

Tips for Leaving Pets Home Alone

Want to make your pets stay at home alone a little easier? Here are some tips you can try to relieve some of the stress. [4]

  • Make some noise! Leave the TV or radio on (not too loud) to provide a little background noise. The steady stream of sound will help keep your dog from barking at every unusual noise it here’s outside. Cars honking, neighbor kids playing, etc. 
  • Leave lots of his or her favorite toys to play with. It will help break up a long, boring day by providing a little stimulation. 
  • Get a second automatic dog feeder and fill it with your dog’s favorite treats, then set it to dispense them throughout the day. 
  • If your being away is going to become a frequent occurrence, consider getting a second dog for your pet to play with. They can entertain one another and make your home feel less empty while you’re gone. 


Regardless of your budget, your dog’s dietary needs, or your schedule, there really is a dispenser suitable for everyone out there. It’s just a matter of spending the time to really find the one that works for your situation. Hopefully, we’ve helped relieve some of that work for you and provide value that saves you both time and money. 

With so many really great options, choosing the best automatic dog feeder for your furry friend is no piece of cake. Hopefully, with the help of the information we put together you were able to learn a little more about what makes a really great automatic dog feeder and what options may best suit your needs and the needs of your dog. Click through any of the options and images above to get the latest pricing on any of these units and you’ll be able to leave your pet at home without worrying whether or not they’re eating.

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