Top 12 New Waterproof Dog Coats with Underbelly Protection and Legs 2022

A dog is not just a pet; it’s a friend. When you’re out with your dog in the cold weather, you want the best for them. A dog coat is a great way to keep your dog warm and comfortable. The best waterproof dog coats with underbelly protection or dog raincoats with legs and underbelly are an essential part of keeping your furry friend warm even when the mercury drops and the rain starts falling. And what’s even better is that there are so many different types to choose from that you can easily find one that fits your dog’s personality and style.

Keeping your dog warm and comfortable is important in a variety of climates and situations and whether he’s hanging out in the park or exploring the backyard, you want him to be protected from the elements. To take some of the search headaches away from you, we’ve reviewed a number of different options to keep your pup comfy. 

Top waterproof dog coats with legs and underbelly – Review for 2022

Products We Recommend in this Article

Shires Equestrian Products Digby & Fox Padded Dog Coat

With its large range of jacket sizes the Shires Equestrian Products Digby & Fox Padded Dog Coat is the perfect choice for spring, fall, and winter warmth. Depending on the type of dog you have, a warm covering for those cold, damp outings might be just what’s needed to keep your pup happy and healthy. Many smaller dogs especially suffer from cold legs and bellies in the cooler months. [1]

The Digby & Fox Padded Dog Coat has a great, stylish look to it. It comes in two colors; navy and red. The red has a navy border to add a bit of color variation to the waterproof dog coats. The leg areas are designed to allow your dog’s legs to move freely while both walking and running. It also provides ample room for your dog to relieve himself freely without worrying about accidentally soiling his or her coat. 


  • Insulated polyester padding for warmth
  • Harness/leash compatible
  • Stylish look

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Dog looks comfortable
  • Keeps their dog nice and warm
  • Very easy to take off and put on

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • They don’t find it long enough for larger dogs

Frisco Rubber Ducky Dog Raincoat

Frisco makes some great raincoats for dogs. From a budget perspective, this is really the best waterproof dog coat with harness hole available on the market today in our opinion. There are three reasons for this. 

Number 1: It is very inexpensive for the level of quality you get. Even at this price point, it manages to do what it’s supposed to and keep the rain off your dog.

Number 2: It is very easy to get on and off. If your dog’s not crazy about letting you fuss with him or her then this is a great choice.  

Number 3: It’s just SO gosh darn cute!!! Everyone loves dogs and everyone loves ducks. Put the two together and WOW! 


  • Frisco is known for its quality materials
  • Available in a large number of sizes
  • Velcro fastened under the belly with a strap makes it easy to put on and take off your dog

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • It’s very soft 
  • No need to feed dogs legs into tiny holes, just velcro and go
  • Very easy to take off and put on
  • Most importantly, the dog loves it

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • The leash hole could be better designed to accommodate a harness more easily

GF Pet Neon Reversible Dog Raincoat

Available in two colors, the GF Pet Neon Reversible Dog Raincoat is perfect to keep all parts of your dog dry and comfortable on those cold, rainy days. GF has used elastic leg holes to allow your pup to walk and run while the waterproof dog coats stay in place. This helps prevent any rubbing and makes things a more snug, dry fit. 

The design colors are bright and the piping is reflective allowing your dog to be seen by cars and trucks while out walking. This can also help alert drivers to the owner’s whereabouts as well. 

Want a different look for the day? The raincoat is also reversible adding a little flair and variety to your pup’s wardrobe. 


  • Tackable hood can be worn up or down
  • Reflective parts
  • Reversible
  • Velcro closure

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Quality brand
  • Fit is excellent

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • A bit pricier than some other options but you get what you pay for

Frisco Flamingo Dog Raincoat

The Frisco Flamingo Dog Raincoat is designed with your furry friend in mind. Rain beads off the back of your pup allowing him or her to stay warm and cozy. This raincoat allows easy access for a leash or harness and the material used is easy to clean if your dog does manage to find his way into a puddle. 

The wonderfully fun and soft flamingo patterned material will keep your dog comfortable and stylish as he or she walks around the neighborhood with you on your wet spring and fall outings. It will help keep your pet dry and your home clean once they get back indoors. 


  • Simple but functional
  • Quality design
  • Great price

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Much easier than a sweater or jacket
  • Cute, fun, and stylish

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • Velcro stitching did not last as long as hoped 

Pethiy Premium Dog Raincoat Stylish – Small Dog Raincoat Waterproof Zip Up Pockets

Looking for something with a zipper front? Pethiy Dog Raincoats have got you and your dog covered. With a zipper and button up front, this waterproof dog coat will stay in place for the entire day, preventing splashes soaking your dog’s legs and underbelly. The coat covers a good portion of your pup to keep your dog’s underbelly dry adding extra protection from dampness and water. This helps keep your dog warm, dry, and clean. 

Drawstrings around the face make it easy to fit your dog’s hood perfectly to its face and a good-sized harness hole on the back makes leashing your pup super easy. 


  • Great price
  • Great overall quality
  • 3 great colors
  • Removable hood
  • Leash access

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Comfortable and durable
  • The lining is soft so it keeps their pup dry and warm in the rain

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • A bit long for some smaller dogs
  • Sizing may be a bit tricky

Hurtta Monsoon Coat, Dog Raincoat

The Hurtta Monsoon Dog Raincoat is perfect for wet, windy days. It has a number of great features to make your rainy walks even more fun. A pocketed leash hole helps prevent water from dripping down the leash and onto your dog. Reflective hemming and pipping help drivers see your dog when visibility is low. 

Hurtta is a Finnish company that knows a thing or two about the great outdoors. Hurtta has a long history of creating great outdoor clothing for any weather. 


  • High-quality design by a high-quality company
  • Reflective design
  • The high collar keeps out moisture

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Well made so will likely last for years to come
  • Easy to put on and adjust
  • Doesn’t restrict running and leaping after a ball

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • Some may find it a bit on the pricier side but well worth it
  • May need to go one size up for the best fit

GabeFish 9 Colors Optional, 10 Sizes, Waterproof 4 Legs Pets Raincoat for Small Medium Large Dogs

With the GabeFish brand raincoat, you get a huge variety of sizes and colors tailored to fit both your dog’s body and style. This is one of the few dog raincoats that cover the legs and underbelly almost completely for maximum warmth and protection. The only real downside to this style is that you need to feed your dog’s paws through the leg holes however if your dog is one with a cooperative nature, this is often not a big issue. 


  • Large variety of sizes
  • Covers almost the entire body
  • Perfect for rainy, wet days

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Protects dogs belly from matting 
  • Velcro is down the back instead of on the sides like others
  • Detachable hood is great for sunny but wet days

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • A bit long for some smaller dogs but not a huge deal

Pet Raincoat, Lightweight Dog Rain Jacket Hoodies Waterproof Large Dog Rain Poncho for Medium Large Dog

Available in bright yellow and bright blue, this complete dog poncho has a unique feature not found on the other raincoats on this list, a tail cover. On most dog coats the tail is left exposed to the elements which for small dogs with almost no tail is not an issue but if you have a pup with a huge, bushy tail, you know it can get very wet and dirty in stormy, wet weather. 

Another nice feature is the sun visor that allows your dog to see even if his hat goes down over his eyes a bit. Perfect for camping or hiking in stormy weather, your dog will stay bone dry in even the hardest downpours. Pair this coat with a dog carrier backpack designed for hiking and you’re set for a day of adventure.


  • Tail cover
  • For larger dogs
  • Many large sizes are available

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Comfortable and a perfect fit

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • Material is a bit thin

Geyecete1/2 Leg Trouser Suit, Dog Raincoat with high Waterproof for Dogs Reflective Four-Leg rain Gear Jumpsuit for Puppies Small Medium pet

Made of nylon material, this is a coat designed for your pup’s comfort. Elastic areas are found throughout the raincoat providing a comfortable, stay-put feel so your dog can do the things he or she likes to do without worrying about saggy or baggy material. Even the leg cuffs have elastics to maximize comfort.  


  • Comfortable design
  • Soft material 
  • Zipper on side of the waterproof dog coats with straps

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Soft material is great for dogs’ comfort
  • Saves me washing my dog every time we come in from a walk
  • Covers almost the entire body

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • The zipper could be a bit stronger
  • Consider buying one size up for your pup

Dog Raincoat Waterproof Jumpsuit Adjustable Lightweight Breathable Poncho Jacket Rainwear for Large Dogs

This is a really cute waterproof dog coat with a plaid look to it. It is made from a breathable polyester fabric with reflective details around the hat and waist. This is a really great buy considering its extremely low price. Perfect for anyone on a budget or if you need something for Fido to wear on the odd occasion when you go for a walk in the rain, 


  • Lightweight
  • Reflective safety strips
  • Velcro secure for easy on and off

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Good quality at a bargain price
  • Easy to put on and take off

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • Consider going one size up

Dog Raincoat Pet Waterproof Rain Jacket with Hood Breathable Lightweight Dog Rain Poncho for Small Medium Large Dogs

This is a waterproof dog coat with legs that covers your furry pal from head to ankle. This coat’s available in three styles and a really large number of sizes. Something for every dog. The coat easily covers the entire dog with the exception of their paws. It’s waterproof while still being breathable and a small rain visor allows your dog’s eyes to stay free from the rain so they can see more easily.


  • Detachable hat with drawstring
  • Hood is able to cover the entire face of many dog breeds

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Covers their dog completely allowing them to stay dry and clean while on walks
  • Several sizes so you can get the perfect fit

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • Must cut your own hole for the dog to urinate but this is quite easy to do, just an extra step

HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho for Small to X-Large Dogs and Puppies

I love the look of this jacket. The yellow style makes me think of a miniature crossing guard. This waterproof dog jacket comes in so many different colors and patterns to choose from. Themes like rubber duckies and “it’s raining cats and dogs”. It’s cute, it’s compact and it’s ready for the rain. Perfect for a day trip to the park or for a weekend stay, this waterproof dog coat will keep your dog dry and warm on those damp spring and fall walks. 


  • Some parts of the outfit are designed using reflective materials
  • Adjustable belly strap
  • Good sizing selection for a great fit

What Pet Owners Love About It

  • Hood fits perfectly
  • Lightweight, so you can carry it with you everywhere

What Pet Owners Didn’t Like About It – Some Customers Say:

  • Good for damp, misty rain but does not stay waterproof in heavy rain

Do Dogs Need Waterproof Dog Coats in the Winter

Best Waterproof Dog Coats

Winter weather can be difficult on smaller dogs and dogs with short fur. Deciding whether or not to put a coat on your dog should depend on the breed type and size of your dog.

Smaller dogs may have difficulty regulating their body temperature to generate the heat needed to stay warm in the cold. They often can benefit from an extra layer to look in that warmth. Generally speaking, dogs with lots of thick furs do not normally need a jacket to stay warm. It’s always best to talk to your veterinarian to determine if your particular dog needs an extra layer. 

Keep in mind as well that the outside temperature can also help determine if your dog needs a waterproof dog coat. When the temperature gets really low it may be best to offer your dog a waterproof dog coat and if he or she’s excited about it that could be something to consider when making your decision. 

For the most part and under most circumstances, dogs should not wear coats indoors. They can become too warm quite easily causing other health issues. There are always exceptions to the rule but in most cases they are better off too cold than too hot.

Here are some great tips to keep your pet happy and healthy during the winter months. 

  • Clean your dog’s paws after each outing. Be sure to wipe off any salt or winter de-icing chemicals as these can be dangerous and toxic to your furry friend. 
  • Limit your dog’s outdoor time in the colder periods of the year to reduce the chances of frostbite.
  • Dogs with arthritis can benefit from extra warmth in the winter and maybe a good candidate for a dog coat

How to Tell When Your Dog is Cold

How to know if your dog is cold
jack russell dog, outside freezing and shivering with a red blanket , winter snow and cold blanket , winter snow and cold

Dogs are a lot like humans in the way they show how they’re feeling. When you take your dog outdoors, watch for signs of shivering or whining. If you’re close to home and they are trying to get back to the door to get inside it could be a sign that they are trying to get to somewhere warmer. They may hold a foot in the air or stand on their hind legs to try and distance themselves from the snow or may even jump up on you to try to get off the ground. One other thing to watch for is a slower pace or slower movement. This may be a sign they are too cold to do anything as they are using all their energy to stay warm. [2]

What to Look for When Buying the Best Waterproof Raincoat for Your Dog

Easy On and Off

Many dog jackets or dog raincoats have pant legs which are wonderful for keeping their legs dry and warm but can be a major pain to get on and off. Often with these designs, you must feed your dog’s paws and legs through the holes and then pull each pant leg up. 

A velcro buckle or strap is much nicer than a zipper. It can be tricky zipping your dog into the jacket and you need to be extra careful not to catch their skin in the teeth of the zipper. Be especially careful if the breed of your dog is one that has a large number of natural skin folds. 

Consider the idea that a simpler design could be the better design in this case even if it means sacrificing a little coverage. 

Leash Access Holes

Having the ability to leash your dog while they’re wearing a raincoat is a must. Look for a jacket with a large leash access hole that closes tightly around the leash to prevent water from leaking in. Also, many jackets are designed to accommodate a harness style leash which can be an added bonus but also requires a little more investigation into the size and location of the access hole. This is going to vary by brand and will depend on the type of harness you’re using as well. Fortunately, most manufacturers have accounted for this. 



Most waterproof dog coats have some sort of reflective material included in them whether it’s part of the buttons, zipper, pin-stripping, or decals. This can be important as if you are out walking your dog in the rain it can be more difficult for drivers to see you. In this way, the reflector can add an extra layer of safety to your outing. 

Doesn’t Impaire Dogs Ability to See

It’s important that your dog be able to see well while out walking. A miss-step can cause injury and it can also just be downright annoying to your pup not to have his or her full vision. Ensure the cap, visor, or any other head covering does not cover your dog’s eyes or prevent it from seeing properly.


Solid Built Buckles, Snaps, or Zippers

Some manufacturers choose to skimp on quality and most often it’s in the zipper or buckles area. There are very few elements to a jacket but one of the more important ones are those closure-type items and if they stop working your jacket is pretty much useless. Check for quality materials. Hard, solid plastic buckles, metallic zippers, and easy-to-use buttons are a great place to start. 

Waterproof Material

There are many different types of waterproof materials. We like the materials that are both waterproof and breathable. That’s a tricky combination to find. A quality waterproof material will hold its ability to wick away water for at least a year and then reapplication of some sort of water sealant may be required. This is the case for almost all waterproof clothing for both animals and humans alike. 

Quality Stitching

Most products today are made overseas and the stitching is not always top-notch. Look for domestic and European-made products when possible and thoroughly check over your raincoat when you receive it. Send it back sooner rather than later if the stitching seems suspect.


The price of waterproof dog coats can vary wildly. They range anywhere from $15 to well over $100 but the nice thing is that there is something for everyone within that range. We’ve found that the best deals are found at the high and low ends of the spectrum. At the low end, you pay very little and frequently get a product that is functional and does the job without a lot of bells and whistles. On the higher end, you often get a great-looking jacket, a well-made jacket, and a long-lasting jacket but you’re paying top dollar for it. 

I think when it really comes down to it, the important thing to remember when looking for the best waterproof dog coat with legs is its ability to suit your and your dogs needs year round. There are so many types to choose from but if you stick to the simplest and most practical options you shouldn’t go wrong. Happy walking!

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